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Upcoming Playgrounds Event : performance PIPS:LAB – Social Fiction plus Q&A

PIPS:lab gets recklessly stuck between theatre, cinema , painting , gaming and music. It is a glimpse of the future where all boundaries between realities are completely diffused. PIPS:lab brings you into an augmented state of confusion.

The players are dominated by a ruthless computer they must obey. The audience witnesses the live recordings of a science fiction video in the form of an inscrutable choreography of two men and a camera, grimly looking for a galactic way out. The spectators hitch like virtual refugees in a spaceship and play an important role in this almost nostalgic trip in the future, as in any PIPS:lab show.

In Social Fiction PIPS:lab uses a motion capture system in combination with the self-invented Potator tools. These make it possible to paint in 3D with peels of reality. With the triptych Social Fiction PIPS:lab contributes in its own way to the digital reali-Zeitgeist.

Playgrounds TimeTable.

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